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ア.What do you usually do on Sunday ?
イ.What is your hobby ?

ア.What is meaning of studying?
イ.What is meaning of reading books?

ア.What is your favorite season?
イ.What is your favorite weather?

ア.What do you want to be in the future?
イ.Where do you want to go in the future?

ア.How do you usually go to school?
イ.How do you usually study English ?

Which dou you like better, Morning or Night ?






ア.I usually go to library on Sunday because library is good place to study. I always study English there. I sometimes go there with my friends. We read books , too.

イ.My hobby is listening to music because listening to music makes me happy and I can foget a lot of sad things. I do it everyday so I am always happy.

ア.Meaning of study is to help many people because studying teaches us many things. So we can have a lot of ways to help people. It is important for us to study.

イ.Meaning of reading books is to know a lot of ideas and feelings because to know those things make us better human. I want to be a doctor. So I should be a good human.

ア.My favorite season is summer because I can swim in the sea. I like to swim and I want to play with my friends. I feel happy when I have finished playing with my friends.

イ.My favorite weather is sunny because I can play soccer with my friend in my school’s ground. I hope everyday is sunny, but it is impossible. I feel sad when it is rainy.

ア.I want to be a teacher in the future because I like to teach something. So I will study hard everyday and I want to make a lot of people happy.

イ.I want to go Tokyo in the future because I want to work in Tokyo. There are a lot of kind of works in Tokyo. So
I want to chose my best work for me there.

ア.I usually go to school by bus, but I sometimes go to school for a walk with my friend. I like to walk with my friend because I enjoy talking .

イ.I usually study English by watching a foreign movie. It is very fun and I can study how to listen English. So I can get two profits. I think it is very useful.

ア.I like night better than morning because I can enjoy own time at night. I like watching TV and speaking with my family. Night is good time for family to communicate.

イ.I like morning better than night because morning is fresh. I like cool wind and rising sun. I feel good when I go to school. So I can start my school life with good feeling.

ア.I want to be a famous soccer player in the future. I like to play soccer so I practice it everyday. I will go to foreign soccer club and I will be key person.

イ.I remember that I study English hard with my friend in summer vacation. We study it for five ours everyday. So I am good at reading English sentences and writing , too.

ア.I think friends are very important for us to live. If I feel sad , my friend helpes me. If my friend feel sad , I will help him.We can help each other.

イ.I think family is very important for our lives because my mother is the only person who I can talk everything. My mother always helps me and give me some advise.

ア.I like baseball the best because baseball is team sports. So I can make a lot of team mates and enjoy playing baseball with them. We can learn how to make friend, too.

イ.I like rock very much because rock makes me exciting and gives me power. So I usually listen rock before I go to school and I study hard all subject.

ア. I always think I will found good point of everything. So I am positive for everything and I can be interested in everything. One of my good point is positive thinking.

イ.I am very shy. So I can not make friends well and I can not talk with someone. So I should be more active and make more friends. My bad point is that.